music instead of stones

I don’t often comment on the current events, as I think there is too much politics, gibberish talks and violence around us in the media and, in general, the world seems mad.

Yet I found this information inspiring, to say the least. And you must have heard of it. In case you didn’t, this time, I want to share something which of deep political and social context.

David Martello, “the pianist from Taksim Square” – a German man who appeared on the battle field, precisely, in Gezi Park, Istanbul, Turkey with his self-constructed piano and played two concerts, one of them lasting over 14 hours: from 9.00 pm one night to 11 am the other day. Crowds gathered around him, videos and photos immediately circulated all world media and social services. And all he said was:

“I wanted to play both for the police and the protesters to stop the violence. People stopped, sat down and started talking. That was my only goal. I am happy that there was music instead of stones on the square.”

For the NY Times he also said: “The idea was to inspire politicians through music”.

I’m not sure about the politicians (and will restrain from political comments, although I am temted) but he surely inspired a crowd of 1,500 people who gathered in the park. And I also feel – thanks to him – that there is still some good in this world.

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