There is a night

In Sydney, there is the Vivid Sydney, in Paris and most major cities all around the world – Nuit Blanche as well as Night of Museums – here, in Lublin, we also have a unique event: the Night of Culture. About seven years ago cultural animators had an idea for a night which would be the city’s cultural manifestation. the organizers say:

It aims at revealing the charm of the city, as well as presenting the variety of cultural initiatives and artistic programmes. Its aim is to open Lublin open the minds of both locals and guests for art and culture, therefore, the offer is broad and varies from ludic and popular to elite and niche events. The programme is prepared by professional artists and amateurs.

The admission to all events – outdoor concerts, theatres, galleries, museums is free during the Night of Culture. From what I know (and in this case – I know quite well, working in this exact field) probably all the city’s cultural institutions, clubs, small organizations, loads of NGOs and independent initiatives, cafes, clubs are involved in the event which turns all urban spaces in teh city centre into a vibrant cultural area.

This year, there were about 250 different events – small and big -taking place and the crowds of people were so immense it was sometimes difficult to walk. Nevertheless, I went on a stroll and here is a selection – a very subjective one – of some of the events which I considered most interesting. These mostly were street art activities or some ephemeral installations created especially for the Night.

These angels were created by a combination of multimedia projection over people clad in beautiful constumes – and were standing in the windows of the Old Theatre (originally open in 1822, making it the second oldest theatre building in Poland)

7895_580427251979627_515248571_n 993775_452460944849017_128819211_n (1) 999386_452461251515653_608157596_n

“Collour Pollution” by Maria Lesnikova

Color Pollution autorstwa Mariyi Lesnikovej.


Urban High line


“Urban energizer” – a nice place to have a rest from the crowd: specially constrcuctd booths with live flowers and weeds, all of this placed on a rolled out grass.

P1130367 P1130368

“Manipulation can (not) be hidden” which is a series of surprising sentences like “don’t look left”, “don’t go ahead”.

P1130360 P1130363

A light installation entitled “He held back the Sun” (which is a reference to a saying used about Kopernik in Polish).
51b59d949394c_o P1130353

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1 Response to There is a night

  1. I know personally the Night of Culture of Lublin. Actually, during that night i was visiting this beautiful city of Poland. Cool memories of that one and thanks Layla for posting this one.
    I highly recommend this event…

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