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Long-sentence turned into a long-stay

There is a luxury hotel in the Netherlands which was opened to visitors this year, but in the past the building used to serve a completely different purpose -yes, people used to stay here for a longer period of their … Continue reading

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One Pooh is nice, many – even nicer

I have no idea and can’t find any information what was the event or the cause for this particular action – but it must have been fun to watch – a crowd of Winnie the Poohs took over a town … Continue reading

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Traditional African Wallpainting

I have been proving over and over on these pages that mural painting is not a new trend and clearly not one originating in down-towns of big cities in Europe and USA. And this is just another evidence for this … Continue reading

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“Memory” Balloon lamps

Now, this is something clearly for me! “Memory Balloon” lights designed were by Boris Klimek for John Moncrieff is a collection of ceiling and wall lights inspired by memories of childhood. And you must already know I have a thing … Continue reading

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Drawing in distant places

Some time ago I wrote about the artists that decide to create their street art’s works in distant places that we usually do not associate with street art (as perceived by the Europeans or other great civilizations) and where we would … Continue reading

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stairs 23

Inside St. Paul’s Cathehdral in London, by Janey Kay.

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First unmanned flying desk set

This is my favourite films ever, maybe out of two. Sometimes it just comes back to me, like today.

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Swirling Beach Canvases

Summer is the beach-time, we all know this and some of us maybe even have a beach to visit where they live (lucky you). And other just would not leave their work and art back at home and take it … Continue reading

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Clouded bar moods

Do you remember this Cloud which was installed for Nuit Blanche Calgary last year? The artist responsible for that luminescent installation –  Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett are coming back with their new project – the Cloud Ceiling installed at Progress Bar in Chicago, USA. Constructed from … Continue reading

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Just a reminder – nature is awesome, too!

        Sure, street are is stunning, design can be innovative and architecture surprising. But never forget that the world outside can be amazing and awesome too. Here’s a selection of reasons why I think so: The ancient … Continue reading

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