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Long-sentence turned into a long-stay

There is a luxury hotel in the Netherlands which was opened to visitors this year, but in the past the building used to serve a completely different purpose -yes, people used to stay here for a longer period of their … Continue reading

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One Pooh is nice, many – even nicer

I have no idea and can’t find any information what was the event or the cause for this particular action – but it must have been fun to watch – a crowd of Winnie the Poohs took over a town … Continue reading

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Traditional African Wallpainting

I have been proving over and over on these pages that mural painting is not a new trend and clearly not one originating in down-towns of big cities in Europe and USA. And this is just another evidence for this … Continue reading

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“Memory” Balloon lamps

Now, this is something clearly for me! “Memory Balloon” lights designed were by Boris Klimek for John Moncrieff is a collection of ceiling and wall lights inspired by memories of childhood. And you must already know I have a thing … Continue reading

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Drawing in distant places

Some time ago I wrote about the artists that decide to create their street art’s works in distant places┬áthat we usually do not associate with street art (as perceived by the Europeans or other great civilizations) and where we would … Continue reading

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stairs 23

Inside St. Paul’s Cathehdral in London, by Janey Kay.

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First unmanned flying desk set

This is my favourite films ever, maybe out of two. Sometimes it just comes back to me, like today.

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