Drawing in distant places

Some time ago I wrote about the artists that decide to create their street art’s works in distant places that we usually do not associate with street art (as perceived by the Europeans or other great civilizations) and where we would not normally expect to find these works.

It’s hard to say actually that today’s artists “colours up” distant palces, as his works are usually in black and white, so let’s say it is drawing in this case. But he sure chose an interesting location for his piece: Spanish artist Liqen completed this new mural in Caimito, a very small town in the region of Esmeraldas, Ecuador.
Featuring his signature black and white line work, the artist delivers and enormous and eccentric bird accompanied by some of his flying friends on a simple wooden buidling that presumably houses many. It gives a new look and an edge to otherwise dull home somewhere in a rural district.

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