“Memory” Balloon lamps

Now, this is something clearly for me!

“Memory Balloon” lights designed were by Boris Klimek for John Moncrieff is a collection of ceiling and wall lights inspired by memories of childhood. And you must already know I have a thing for balloons, not even because of my childhood memories, because when I was growing up balloons were a rare treat. I associate them with a special girt that always brought joy and was a symbol of special occassions.

In this new designer lamps the hanging cord is used for turning on and off lights. Three types of the size and range of colors in the interior allow free passage of play, imagination and create different lighting atmospheres.

Just if I knew where to get them from and why are they so expensive 😉

Memory_Balloon_Light_Boris_Klimek_CubeMe1 Memory_Balloon_Light_Boris_Klimek2 Memory_Balloon_Light_Boris_Klimek3

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