Long-sentence turned into a long-stay

There is a luxury hotel in the Netherlands which was opened to visitors this year, but in the past the building used to serve a completely different purpose -yes, people used to stay here for a longer period of their lives, but not completely voluntarily, yes, food was served here but I guess not of the same category and rather than paying to visit the place people would pay to get out – Het Arresthuis in Roermond served as a jail between 1863 to 2007.

The penitentiary has received a makeover from Dutch hotel group Van der Valk – 150 holding cells have been transformed into 36 luxurious rooms and 7 suites, including four special suites known as The Director, The Jailer, The Lawyer, and The Judge. All of which feature modern furnishings and neat details like exposed brick and barred windows, yet each one retains its original door as to a nod to the history of the building. The courtyard now serves as a cafe and terrace surrounded by olive trees. Other facilities include a herb garden, a sauna and a number of hotel bars.

Would you fancy a longer stay?

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