Flower carpet of Brussels

Or, rather, I should put the title for this post: THE carpet of Brussels as this incredible flower formation has a long-standing tradition. Officially, the first Floral Carpet as its present-day form was created in 1971 on the Grand-Place by the landscape architect E. Stautemans. Since then, every 2 years, the Grand-Place of Brussels, Belgium, the main square of the busy European capital, is covered with a carpet of flowers. This carpet of 77 m X 24 m is realized in several stages- it is planned one year in advance and the material used are begonias, chosen for their qualities of robustness, resistance to bad weather and strong sunshine which guarantees the long life and freshness of the carpet. The life-size drawing of the carpet is put on a transparent and micro-drilled plastic sheet. The carpet then has to be made by approximately 120 volunteers who install near a million begonias (at the rate of 300 by m3) within 4 hours. The Flower carpet is installed usually only for 1 weekend around the Assumption day which falls on August 15th , however last year it was exceptionally put for 5 days.

The Carpet is frequently accompanied by sound and light show.
And if there is still anything you would like to know about the carpet, it has its extensive website! Check it here: http://www.flowercarpet.be/

And be sure not to miss it in 2014, the view must breathtaking.



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