Star Constellation lamp

August is the month of the falling stars, and watching the falling starts over a starry night somewhere outside the city limits is my strong favourite and a magical experience every time I have a chance to lay down and watch the stars, making silent wishes.
And now it turns out some inventive designer has thought to prolong this experience onto the entire year – 
Star Constellation lamp projects a magnificent and exact view of the night sky to the walls.

One of Starry Light’s unique features is its hemispheric form, drilled according to different celestial constellations. Thin, subtle lines drawn on the inner surface of Starry Light help users in the identification of different constellations. The launch collection of Starry Light Lamps is available with the celestial constellations of the Northern Hemisphere’s two equinoxes and solstices, but as the lamp is manufactured by hand, it is suitable to customisations according to a given date, time and geographical location.

May I put it on my birtday wish list for next year?

Star_Constellation_Projector_Light_CubeMe1 Star_Constellation_Projector_Light_CubeMe2

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