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Mademoiselle Maurice’s origami attack at ARTAQ

Mademoiselle Maurice is a French artist working with origami which she uses to create larger, colourful pieces of street art. I have previously featured her in here and judging by her website she is quite a busy artist. An added value … Continue reading

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Interactive display of flights

Created by the team at Ogilvy 12th Floor for British Airways, these awesome billboards installed in London’s Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick interactively display information about the flight that appears immediately overhead. Using custom-built surveillance technology the billboards display the flight number and … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different…

To celebrate Monty Python’s reunion. And yes, I know most of them is over 70 and they happily claim they want to pay they mortgage etc. Nevertheless, this never fails to make me laugh.

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Up into inspiration

I think I have written already, that Pixar’x animation “Up” is a great film to watch for everyone – young and old, grumpy and over-enthusiastic. It surely teaches the children certain important values (that some other films and the society … Continue reading

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A hotel for the Snow Queen

It is the first night and day of winter temperatures in here. Although it’s only 2 centigrade below zero just now, it feels like the winter is coming at us. (Doesn’t it sound funny if you read this somewhere in … Continue reading

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Made in heaven

(This post was supposed to be published yesterday, on November 24th but for some reasons I am experiencing problems with my wordpress page at my home computer…do you have the same problem?) This seems to be a very musical week … Continue reading

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Once there was a king

This is a title of a short animation created by young Polish animator, Tytus Majewski, which I have found accidentally – as it happens so often – while looking for the lyrics of a popular Polish lullaby which I needed … Continue reading

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Delicate Sound of Thunder

Pink Floyd was one of the best rock groups ever. Full stop. And while some may disagree I will always be defending this opinion. But apart from the outstanding music they made they always put emphasis also on the visual … Continue reading

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When you wish upon a star

This is a title of one of the most beautiful songs, also one which I associate with my personal childhood – for some reason Disney’s Pinocchio was the first Disney production I knew from a VHS tape. I miss the … Continue reading

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A zoetrope pavillion

“Zoetrope” is a fun word, just as a word itself. Actually, I admit I had to google it out and once I fount out it is derived from Greek (ζωή zoe, “life” and τρόπος tropos, “turn” – thank you, aunt Wikipedia) it turned … Continue reading

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