Museo a Cielo Abierto 8

This series was long gone so it’s high time to come back to San Miguel, Chile.

A trait characteristic to all the works in this project is the emphasis on the social and cultural background of the people living in the area and the area itself, as well as values important to the entire society and country. Thus, the works featured previously focused on the native cultures, Chilean mythology, Chilean writers, country’s flora and fauna, its carnival, Chilean women and the country’s workers.

This time a work by a groups of artists – Peña, Jano, Basti, Gesak, Hozeh, Pobre Pablo and Ecos – which, in fact, marked an important moment for the creation of the entire series. Perhaps this, as the first mural that was created,  was the one that started to create confidence among villagers- residents of San Miguel – so that they had no more objections to the murals which were still to come. This was due to the fact that the people pictured on this mural, called “Los Prisoneros” (Prisoners) were familiar faces from the community, faces of those who had grown up in the neighborhood: prisoners, musicians who lived and created in the area – they were just like the people still living in the community; these people (presented on the mural) had achieved an important place with their music contesting the system, beyond the borders of the country. This started a legend.


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