Platanus Bibliotechalis

Most of the times when I find something I consider interesting and worth sharing on the blog I at least try to give a title of the post from myself – not to solely reblog, thoughtlessly copying what someone else have written but to at least add this little something from myself.
But some of the finds just skip this attitude and treatment – their names are so cool in itself that you just feel – it’s a perfect title.
This one is one of them.

Platanus Bibliotechalis installation is a work by David Wiseman at the entrance hall of the New West Hollywood Library, USA. The author has realized his vision of nature into inside a modern design of the building. A series of branches emerge from the walls and arch into the air space above the stairway, providing a link between the park that surrounds it and the library itself.

The artistic statement explains the technique the Platanus was done with:

Clad in cast porcelain sycamore bark, tree trunks emerge from the stairs. Plastered steel and bronze branches continue their ascent toward the skylight (18-m-high) and sprout copper, brass and steel leaves as well as porcelain seed pods.

Platanus_Bibliotechalis_Installation_at_West_Hollywood_Library_CubeMe3 Platanus_Bibliotechalis_Installation_at_West_Hollywood_Library_CubeMe2 Platanus_Bibliotechalis_Installation_at_West_Hollywood_Library_CubeMe1

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