Made in heaven

(This post was supposed to be published yesterday, on November 24th but for some reasons I am experiencing problems with my wordpress page at my home computer…do you have the same problem?)

This seems to be a very musical week here at the blog and generally in the history (the first resulting from the latter).

And today marks a sad anniversary in music history – it’s been 22 years since Freddie Mercury’s death. Everything which needs to be said about him has already been said countless times – that two of his songs (with Queen, obviously) have been chosen the most significant songs in rock history – Bohemian Rhapsody and Show Must Go On – that he was a genius of songwriting, an incredible personality on stage and a shy persona off stage, an outstanding performer who had this amazing ability to take the crowds with his music and singing (the stadiums don’t sing that way anymore…), a singer with over-four octave voice, a daring makers – remember his duet with opera diva Monserrat Caballe and so on and so forth. In general – he was one of rock’s greatest all-time performers.

I can’t honestly say I remember well him at his best – I was to young. Nevertheless, his music is just timeless.
Let the music speak for itself.

check the number of views on this one…that’s another thing Freddie did – they have strongly contributed to the revolution of video-making

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