Mademoiselle Maurice’s origami attack at ARTAQ

Mademoiselle Maurice is a French artist working with origami which she uses to create larger, colourful pieces of street art. I have previously featured her in here and judging by her website she is quite a busy artist.

An added value of her work, apart from adorning the streets and introducing some colour and imagination into the city landscape, is that on this project – which was a longer work for 2013 ARTAQ Festival in Angers, France –  she has collaborated with the local people – Angevins have been at the heart of the project, and become authors and participants of a gigantic urban artistic work. The artist, backed up by the local cultural team, held workshops in nearly twenty places, such as leisure centers, schools (from kindergarten to high school), but also within the prison, for 3 months. As a result 30,000 folds, large and small, were collected.

With these folds Maurice created two works for the festival – a portrait at the banks of river Maine and a geometric composition on the fence of the cathedral. For the second one hundred of volunteers – children, schoolchildren, college students, housewife, retired – turned up to lend a hand in creating the piece at the stairs of Montée St-Maurice. Together, they “partially covered the grand staircase to adorn an impressive color spectrum, the image of a land of flowers in the middle of which you can change.”

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