Madiba the Great

I know Poland does not seem likely a place to be influenced by and – now – struck with the loss of the great Nelson Mandela. And yet, here too we are touched deeply with his passing. I know there been a lot said and written about Madiba after his death and I don’t want to repeat all that – I just want to say that I admire his strength, power with which he struggled to achieve what he thought was only right. He lived a long and, I strongly believe, a fulfilled and beautiful life. There are not many people of his format left, unfortunately, in this world.

He was an inspirational leader and a legend already in his lifetime. I want to honour his death the way I can and know – by a collection of art of all kinds from around the world which his life and persona has inspired throughout the years. There were so many concerts organized, words said, letters written, petitions signed, murals painted and monuments erased. And in the end, what matters is how many hearts Madiba has moved. Rest in peace, Great Man.

In street art

Also, check out this sculpture.

In music

He was a legend while he was still alive, at the time he was imprisoned there were countless music start paying him their respect with music and by taking part in concerts aimed at turning the world’s attention to his long imprisonment. Just a few memorable moments. The looks might be aging, the music does not as much…

This one just tears me apart…it is one of my favourite songs ever, and this was such a powerful performance..just makes me weep.

and a special one by artists of RSA – the national anthem (and although it doesn’t say anywhere I believe that the entire “African Concert” held in Zimbabwe, apart from being a celebration of the African music, was also in a way dedicated to those imprisoned and in exile from RSA)

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