Amsterdam Light Festival enlightens the canals

This seems to be a very hot time for light-themed festival – just a few days ago I have written about Lyon’s event, now some photos and news from the Netherlands, where Amsterdam Light Festival is currently taking place. It began on December 6th but the good news is that is takes place over a longer period of time – for 50 days historical center of Amsterdam will present a unique décor for this international light and water festival.- so if you are anywhere near A’dam until January 19th, 2014 you may catch with some of the installations. They are placed around two main routes, but there are also some extra light works, concerts, installation at museums and so on. The canals are illuminated by the best artists of the light, both Dutch and foreign.

The first route, “Water colours” is a special boat tour along the canals of Amsterdam and Amstel river where different installations were placed. Here is a gallery of some of the works.

The second is a walking route, “Illuminate” and will take place in the center of the city. The artists will present their creations in the public space. Works include aprojections on historical buildings, installations on the street or in public parks, or works that require visitor participation. The organizers announce it as “A unique experience in the darkest months of the year.”. Here’s a sample of some of the works. The route is open only until January 9th.

1461197_480032602114430_1399808729_n Digital Origami Tigers We Light Amsterdam





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3 Responses to Amsterdam Light Festival enlightens the canals

  1. Should have been there with my camera and tripod!

  2. japanXhunter says:

    sorry for the over enthusiasm

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