I’m forever chasing bubbles

Quite recently during an installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux, comissioned by Coca Cola, was exhibited the designer’s event ‘any tokyo 2013‘ at Aoyama ci – Plaza in Tokyo, Japan. The installation called “Sparkling Bubbles” seeks to illustrate the experienec of the bubbles and sparkles of freshly poured Coke, and the sensation and reaction one gets after tasting the iconic drink. It comprised of 800 acrylic transparent spheres,  suspended from the ceiling in an undulating wave of varying heights. Circles of small bubbles make up a structure which makes an impression of floating in the air, funnelling into a coca cola glass. The orbs are dyed in delicate shades of 34 different colors chosen specially for this installation, gradually fading into white.

Bubbles_Emmanuelle_Moureaux_CubeMe2 sparkling-bubbles-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-designboom-04 sparkling-bubbles-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-designboom-07 sparkling-bubbles-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-designboom-06 sparkling-bubbles-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-designboom-09



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