If on a market’s day a traveler

A confession: I have a thing for market places. I think it all must have began with the enchanting world of smells, tastes, colours and a mixture of incredible personalities I saw at different market places around Turkey and Peru. And so it began… When I travel now I tend to look for market places which are so very different depending on the location, cultural background and even the times of the year. I have previously posted photo relation from such trips on a social network which I am no longer part of, but the fascination remains. Therefore, I have decided to go back to the world of markets here.

First one – a fish market in Minsk, Belarus. This was taking place at the end of November and was simply called “Belorussian Fish Market”. I am not an expert on fish so I do not know the names of most of the onces seen on the photos.  A side note – it’s always not only about what is on sale, it’s also about the overall climate, the people, the colours…you cannot feel the smell (in this case – maybe for the better) of try the tastes, but I surely advise you always to take this part of culture into consideration if you are a traveller…

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3 Responses to If on a market’s day a traveler

  1. I share completely the love for market’s places!!!! Nice Pics!

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