Cyclops, Frog Woman, Astronaut

“Cyclops, Frog Woman, Astronaut” is a mural on Martinique island, in Caraïbes by artist Remed. In November 2013 he visited the island to take part in the first biennale of Contemporary Art there. The mission was to create a mural of  more or less 10 by 8 meters.

Here’s how the artist described his creative process of arriving at the idea for the piece:

As i choose to arrive virgin of prejudice or stereotype where I go, The first thing I did there, such as in most of the place I visit, was to learn about the most ancient Art of the region. So I go in the street talk to people, learn about the legends, and visit the Archeology or/and Anthropology museum rather than any other. It’s where I find what i need to find. It s where wisdom and knowledge, when not hidden, is exposed.  And there…I’ve been very inspired, feeling I was touching some of our lost memory.

While I was discovering the Museum of Archeology, alone because I guess neither tourists or locals are really interested in that, I had the pleasure to be meet a woman who was interested and wise. At the end of my visit, she went into the archive files of the museum and gave me many sheets with the picture of what was ungraven into the rocks of this part of the globe.

And I’ve been blown away by its beauty and the links it has rebuilt into my mind. As you can see above,It was easy to notice that all the civilizations around caraïbes had a similar roots, or influence. A similar past exposed to our perception on these organic walls. So I stared, forgot, and created.

san_remed_martinique-1 san_remed_martinique-2 san_remed_martinique-3

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