Ephemeral sculptures made of what natures provides

I haven’t been up to land art recently too much, maybe because the weather here is not quite attractive for going out and I somehow associate land art with warm, summer weather, maybe because most of the works which are created in this field of arts. This is obviously a complete misunderstanding, as the artists do not limit themselves to working only in certain periods of the year; they works are often designed in a way that demonstrate the changing times of the season. Which is also in a way true to the artist presented below.

An environmental artist and photographer Martin Hill and his partner Phillipa have been doing their works for over 20 years. They creates temporary sculptures and other installations from ice, stone, and organic materials that reflect nature’s cyclical system. A shape present in many of his works is a circle, which the artists explains:

The use of the circle refers to nature’s cyclical system which is now being used as a model for industrial ecology. Sustainability will be achieved by redesigning products and industrial processes as closed loops—materials that can’t safely be returned to nature will be continually turned into new products. Of course this is only one part of the redesign process. We need to use renewable energy, eliminate all poisonous chemicals, use fair trade and create social equity.

You can see much more of Hill’s work in his online gallery and read much about his works on the blog.

You will also learn there about new projects – and in case you are in Melbourne, Australia in February, you will be able to see his major new show titled Watershed for the McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery.

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4 Responses to Ephemeral sculptures made of what natures provides

  1. Simply beautiful! Hugs!

  2. Having a heat wave down here, L! 🙂

  3. Gorgeous photos! I just wrote a little piece on Land art today, given that you are an artist, I’d be interested to see what you think

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