Woolly Owls

While yarnbombing – or yarnstorming, as the Brits prefer to call it – started off as a guerrilla activity but it has gone a long way since and developed into directions which turned it into a respected branch of street art, but also a building foundation of social groups (such as Urban Knitting, popular in particular across Spanish cities), a marketing tool; it became a daily thing across the world with numerous installations which sometimes are well-prepared and appear in established locations, not as a partly illegal activity. Nevertheless, this does not make the trend lose its trendy-ness or coolness, as you wish. For instance, take a look at this action done by one of the oldest and most notorious urban knitting groups – Knit the City from London.

They have teamed up with Ted Baker for the opening of its new store in Leeds to, as they put it, ” make a little bit of woolly magic to celebrate the opening of their brand new Leeds store. A parliament of purly owls hit the city. Woo hoooooooot!”. The action was called “Woolly Owools”, like the title of this post and anyone visiting the store at the opening day could set into the quest of finding big and tiny owls scattered around the shop.

Aren’t they adorable?

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