Australia, really?

This Sydney Life wrote me recently that they are experiencing a heat wave down there – as always, it’s hard to believe as we (here, in Poland) are experiencing weather which looks basically like mid November. But them come the reports from Australian Open and this one:


Australia, I am sending you my COLDEST embraces. May swap for a week, if someone wishes….

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2 Responses to Australia, really?

  1. Which someone did you have in mind, Layyla…? Anyone in particular? – I’ve never been to Poland!

    • layyla says:

      I did have you in mind, how did you know 🙂 You would get quite a shock if you were to travel up here – the forecast says it might go to -20 centigrade this week. And just today everything seems to be covered with an icing – we have had snow at night, then turned into rain which instantly freezes on everything. It’s almost hard to explain, and even harder to imagine, I guess.

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