Kids Castle

This might be the greatest and most awesome playground for children I have ever seen. Or at least one of the coolest ones – for which child does not wish to visit a castle from fairytales, to become a knight or a princess, face a dragon and so on.

Kids Castle is located in Central Park, Doylestown Township, Pennsylvania, US. The majestic and fantastic, nationally recognized and award-winning  playground which was inspired by the castles of Henry Chapman Mercer. It is a community funded project that was built in 1997.  The Castle an eight story wooden playground structure designed & named by children of Doylestown Township through an art contest in 1996.

Besides the castle, complete with slides, bridges and decorated with characters from children books there are little “sub sections” like a “pirate ship”, The Black Pearl, swings, a sand box area for younger kids. The area also has a drinking fountain and a picnic area. What great fun it all seems!

And just by the way – while browsing for the pictures once I discovered this amazing castle it turned out that it is currently under renovation – it needed it after years of constant service for the little ones. Phase one is already complete, but there is an entire website build to collect fund to be able to restore the castle to its former glory. This project when completed will also include innovative play areas and structures that were inspired by Kids for Kids.
As the Council and Committe for the restoration of the Castle puts it: “To continue providing this wonderful and unique play area as a place where many cherished memories have been experienced, Kids Castle needs your support. ” There is a whole website dedicated to the project, so if you know anyone that knows anyone who would like to help – here it is:

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