Zig-zaging city streets

A duo of Swiss artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, who work together as Lang-Baumann bring unexpected visuals to public spaces. One of their trademark projects are bright painted zig-zag patterns that contrasts with the urban surroundings. The artists have already prepared seven installations of this kind, each in different city. Sometimes the stripes bring some life into muted, understated areas, as in case of the current installation in Rennes, France which will be visible in the heart of town until May 25, 2014, so you can still catch it, or rather – walk it – if you are in the area. The installation was applied directly to the asphalt using road marking paint, introducing a new sense of vibrancy and modernity to this historic city block. The painting obliterates expectations for the type of public art that’s acceptable for this kind of setting.

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But in the previous works street paintings have graced smaller, even quainter communities like the picturesque Vercorin, Switzerland, as well as major cities like Moscow.

Vercorin, Switzerland

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Paris, Place Martin Nadaud

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Pedestrian’ and ciclysts’ path, Ulmbergtunnel, Zürich, Switrzerland

2012-05_StreetPainting3_08NM 2012-05_StreetPainting3_03NMStrelka Institute of Media, Design and Architecture, Moscow, Russia

Geometric-Street-Paintings-France-5 2011-08_StreetPainting6_2NM

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