Crocheted Alligator

First, please allow a side note, quite personal one. I am lately involved quite much into bringing to live a urban knitting project where I live. I don’t want to be over enthusiastic, but please keep fingers crossed it goes well. At the time I am writing this I am waiting anxiously to see what will happen…

Since I am much into thinking into the field of “yarnbombing-crocheting-urban knitting” I though that maybe a post related to this would be welcome.

Olek is a Poland-born (I can’t say I’m not proud of that), Brooklyn-based artist famous for her large scale crocheted objects. In 2012 she travelled to Brasil for the 2012 SESC Arts Show, a non-profit arts show across several venues that runs in São Paulo. With the help of a team of “crocheteiros,” (surely she couldn’t have done such a massive piece on her own) over a period of several weeks Olek completely covered the massive alligator in colorful North Carolinian acrylic yarn and Brazilian ribbons.

Kids can climb in, through and on top of the brightly-colored alligator, which loses some of its intimidation with that blanket of pink yarn.

I must say I absolutely love the array of colours and the idea of the entire work. I can’t possibly imagine to match the scale of the project, but I can say out loud I do admire the reptile.

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