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The Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is a Big thing up there, in the US, this is for sure. While I must admit I completely do not understand the sport itself and the craze behind it even less – but this may ring … Continue reading

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Escape machine

If you were to escape from where you are at the moment, where would you like to go? This was the question asked to three people who dared to approach a mysterious Black cube located in a square in Paris, … Continue reading

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Interactive display of flights

Created by the team at Ogilvy 12th Floor for British Airways, these awesome billboards installed in London’s Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick interactively display information about the flight that appears immediately overhead. Using custom-built surveillance technology the billboards display the flight number and … Continue reading

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Why we still need paper in digital world

Yes, you know about my dislike of the overflooding of the digital gadgets. Here’s another one. I like the little irony of the ad.

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hug the machine

I admit I’m a Coke addict, for lack of better addictions. So I’d really love to have such a machine down here. An advertisement, but still a fun idea. One association that instantly comes to my mind: “Do androids dream … Continue reading

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