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Up into inspiration

I think I have written already, that Pixar’x animation “Up” is a great film to watch for everyone – young and old, grumpy and over-enthusiastic. It surely teaches the children certain important values (that some other films and the society … Continue reading

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“Memory” Balloon lamps

Now, this is something clearly for me! “Memory Balloon” lights designed were by Boris Klimek for John Moncrieff is a collection of ceiling and wall lights inspired by memories of childhood. And you must already know I have a thing … Continue reading

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“Half the air”, half the balloons!

British artist Martin Creed has been filling rooms with balloon since 1998 – that year he first presented his installation “Half the air in a given space“. For this site-specific installation, Creed fills half the space of a room with balloons, … Continue reading

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Scattered Crowd

“Scattered Crowd” is an exhibit by William Forsythe, currently on display at the Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt, Germany. The installation inhibits the beauty of space and the emptiness of human emotion. The use of space from the suspending balloon leaves room for … Continue reading

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ballon bridge

As some design site pointed out, it has been a hot time for bridges lately, with the Trampoline Bridge concept (featured here). This one is an installation suspended by three large helium balloons. Designed by French installation artist Olivier Grossetête, Pont de Singe is … Continue reading

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This must have been quite a particular view to see – an eerie feeling of being watched by ballons, or rather huge eye-balls. Or, on the other hand must have been fun, yelling: “Here, have a look!” Another one on … Continue reading

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Today’s programme is sponsored by colour white. Ballon lamp Balloon decor Not really hard to tell I simply love balloons…

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