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A zoetrope pavillion

“Zoetrope” is a fun word, just as a word itself. Actually, I admit I had to google it out and once I fount out it is derived from Greek (ζωή zoe, “life” and τρόπος tropos, “turn” – thank you, aunt Wikipedia) it turned … Continue reading

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Playgrounds of MONSTUMental imagination

It is not easy to create a playground that would combine fun, safety and an idea that transfers the little users into new adventures. But there is a company from Denmark – Monstrum is their name  – that creates veritable … Continue reading

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Urban park made of diversity, colour and multiculturalism

Superkilen is a kilometre-long park situated in the Nørrebro area just north of Copenhagen‘s city centre (Denmark). The Superkilen area, the most immediate vicinity of the park, is home to more than 60 nationalities, and is considered to be one of … Continue reading

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