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Lit Up Pieces of Paper Caught in a Breeze

London designer Paul Cocksedge created a gorgeous installation resembling pieces of paper caught in a breeze for the  in Lyon, France in 2011. Installed in the courtyard of Lyon’s Hotel de Ville (City Hall), the 25-metre-long sculpture, called Bourrasque, was comprised of 200 A3-sized … Continue reading

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Land art rocking a pasture

Round here we feel the first breaths of spring, with tiny fresh green leaves blooming on trees and first flowers of spring sprouting around. And soon enough there will come the time for green, green grass… And for all these … Continue reading

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Falling Garden

This beautiful and peaceful installation was created by contemporary Swedish artists Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger for 50th Biennial of Venice in 2003. In their work the artists design site-specific installations that envelop the viewer—epically and exquisitely. Falling Garden is a world in which botanical … Continue reading

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Intersections shadow show

Intersections is a title of a light-and-shadow-and-carving installation created by media artist Anila Quayyum Agha. The artist, born in Lahore, Pakistan, “works in a cross disciplinary fashion with mixed media creating artwork” that explores and comments on, among other issues, cultural multiplicity. The … Continue reading

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Ephemeral sculptures made of what natures provides

I haven’t been up to land art recently too much, maybe because the weather here is not quite attractive for going out and I somehow associate land art with warm, summer weather, maybe because most of the works which are … Continue reading

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Dome of Light

“Dome of Light” is a massive glass installation, in fact the largest public art installation all over the world, located at the Taiwan’s Formosa Boulevard underground station. The station, which is the busiest stations along Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit system, gained … Continue reading

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One million stars

Something of hope for the last day of the year. And I do not necessarily mean the one million stars and fireworks that will light up the skies all over the world today (at the time this post is published … Continue reading

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Escape machine

If you were to escape from where you are at the moment, where would you like to go? This was the question asked to three people who dared to approach a mysterious Black cube located in a square in Paris, … Continue reading

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I’m forever chasing bubbles

Quite recently during an installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux, comissioned by Coca Cola, was exhibited the designer’s event ‘any tokyo 2013‘ at Aoyama ci – Plaza in Tokyo, Japan. The installation called “Sparkling Bubbles” seeks to illustrate the experienec of the bubbles and sparkles of … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Light Festival enlightens the canals

This seems to be a very hot time for light-themed festival – just a few days ago I have written about Lyon’s event, now some photos and news from the Netherlands, where Amsterdam Light Festival is currently taking place. It … Continue reading

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