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The Fallen: 9000 Figures Hand-Drawn in the Sand for D-Day

Today is an anniversary of D-Day, the greatest landing operation of the Allies in the WW II. I don’t think I need to remind anyone what influence this had on the continuation of the War. I want to mark this … Continue reading

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Land art rocking a pasture

Round here we feel the first breaths of spring, with tiny fresh green leaves blooming on trees and first flowers of spring sprouting around. And soon enough there will come the time for green, green grass… And for all these … Continue reading

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Ephemeral sculptures made of what natures provides

I haven’t been up to land art recently too much, maybe because the weather here is not quite attractive for going out and I somehow associate land art with warm, summer weather, maybe because most of the works which are … Continue reading

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Landart Festival part 1

For some time now I have been writing on these pages about works which can be called be an overall term “land art”. It proves to be quite popular worldwide and up until now I have mostly included international artists … Continue reading

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Swirling Beach Canvases

Summer is the beach-time, we all know this and some of us maybe even have a beach to visit where they live (lucky you). And other just would not leave their work and art back at home and take it … Continue reading

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Sculpture from nature

Bored and tired of traditional sculptures? Here, meet an artist who literally draws from nature to create her works. Sculptor Anna Gillespie, who lives and works in Bath, England, infuses her figurative sculptures with elements collected from nature including numerous acorn caps … Continue reading

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Sylvain Meyer’s adventures in a forest

I have already once posted one of the works by Sylvain Meyer – and this was here. This time, an entire series of installations of the Swiss artist who modifies wooded areas and landscapes to create various impermanent patterns, sculptures, and textures. … Continue reading

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