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Lit Up Pieces of Paper Caught in a Breeze

London designer Paul Cocksedge created a gorgeous installation resembling pieces of paper caught in a breeze for the  in Lyon, France in 2011. Installed in the courtyard of Lyon’s Hotel de Ville (City Hall), the 25-metre-long sculpture, called Bourrasque, was comprised of 200 A3-sized … Continue reading

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Intersections shadow show

Intersections is a title of a light-and-shadow-and-carving installation created by media artist Anila Quayyum Agha. The artist, born in Lahore, Pakistan, “works in a cross disciplinary fashion with mixed media creating artwork” that explores and comments on, among other issues, cultural multiplicity. The … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Light Festival enlightens the canals

This seems to be a very hot time for light-themed festival – just a few days ago I have written about Lyon’s event, now some photos and news from the Netherlands, where Amsterdam Light Festival is currently taking place. It … Continue reading

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Fête des Lumières brings magic to Lyon

Fête des Lumières is a annual festival in Lyon, France which transforms the city, its buildings with lights, animations, mappings and illuminations. It broadcasts Lyon’s heritage and creates an immense buzz throughout the city. This year’s edition has just finished and … Continue reading

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Fireflies river

In 2010 Tokyo, Japan opened their first Tokyo Hotaru festival which is a part of the city’s “Sumida River Renaissance” initiative. Kicking off the festivities were an impressive display of 100,000 LED lights – made to resemble hotaru (fireflies) – that floated down the … Continue reading

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Illussion of well placed lights

This is another of the installations which need the right angle to be seen properly, otherwise they make no sense at all. Designer Robert Stadler created this light installation  inside the church of Saint Paul in Paris during the Nuit Blanche in 2008. This is how … Continue reading

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Star Constellation lamp

August is the month of the falling stars, and watching the falling starts over a starry night somewhere outside the city limits is my strong favourite and a magical experience every time I have a chance to lay down and … Continue reading

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“Memory” Balloon lamps

Now, this is something clearly for me! “Memory Balloon” lights designed were by Boris Klimek for John Moncrieff is a collection of ceiling and wall lights inspired by memories of childhood. And you must already know I have a thing … Continue reading

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Clouded bar moods

Do you remember this Cloud which was installed for Nuit Blanche Calgary last year? The artist responsible for that luminescent installation –  Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett are coming back with their new project – the Cloud Ceiling installed at Progress Bar in Chicago, USA. Constructed from … Continue reading

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Glowing caves

And now for something completely different: The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are located just outside the main Waitomo township on the North Island of New Zealand, and are a famous attraction because of a sizeable population of glowworms that live in … Continue reading

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