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Madiba the Great

I know Poland does not seem likely a place to be influenced by and – now – struck with the loss of the great Nelson Mandela. And yet, here too we are touched deeply with his passing. I know there … Continue reading

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For the love of libraries! 4

Autumn is a good time for reading – and I am a good example of this thesis, frequently visiting two libraries and enjoying some good reads. I decided it’s high time to come back to the series about libraries. And … Continue reading

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Traditional African Wallpainting

I have been proving over and over on these pages that mural painting is not a new trend and clearly not one originating in down-towns of big cities in Europe and USA. And this is just another evidence for this … Continue reading

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Cooling towers turned cool!

A huge pair of cooling towers which were tower over Soweto, Republic of South Africa,  used to be a part of an electricity plan supplying energy to part of Johannesburg. The rich people got the benefits of the power station, … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela – Prison Bar installation

50 years ago, the South African President and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela was arrested by apartheid police. Artist Marco Cinafanelli utilized 50 steel bars to produce this stunning tribute to the living legend of South Africa. The installation, which gorgeously displays Mandela’s profile, … Continue reading

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