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Above us only sky

I have never been to Liverpool and it turns out only flying into/out from its airport can be fun – in particular to music lovers. Liverpool’s airport honours its great son and is called John Lennon Airport – while for … Continue reading

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Ephemeral sculptures made of what natures provides

I haven’t been up to land art recently too much, maybe because the weather here is not quite attractive for going out and I somehow associate land art with warm, summer weather, maybe because most of the works which are … Continue reading

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Sculpture by the Sea – Sydney 2013

I am reposting this courtesy of This Sydney Life – thanks for giving me this opportunity to walk the Bondi coast at 5.30 in the morning in the Australian almost-summer! And since I still have no idea how to repost so … Continue reading

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All the fish of Gehry

Frank Gehry is dubbed the most important architect of our age (Vanity Fair labelled him so) and his incredible works such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or Dancing House in Prague are know to any art/architecture admirers, with his style … Continue reading

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Dress the monuments!

Yarnbombing is fun – that’s a fact. Sculptures in the cities – are not always fun, and this is also a fact which I pointed out some time. And they are grey, and sad. Well, not all of them, but … Continue reading

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Sculpture from nature

Bored and tired of traditional sculptures? Here, meet an artist who literally draws from nature to create her works. Sculptor Anna Gillespie, who lives and works in Bath, England, infuses her figurative sculptures with elements collected from nature including numerous acorn caps … Continue reading

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wild horses

Wild horses could well be the name of this amazing installation, but the true name is Stick-to-it-ive-ness: Unwavering pertinacity; perseverance. This piece was created by Richard Morse and was an entry for 2012 Artprice – an independent competition that invites artists to … Continue reading

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Sculpture By The Sea

This post is entirely taken from the virtual friend Down Under – http://thissydneylife.wordpress.com/ As I find the whole idea brilliant and – on the other hand – I’m not clever enough to be able to reblog in such a manner that … Continue reading

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Heavyweight sculpture

The streets of all the cities and town around the world are filled with monuments to the great – country leaders, historical figures, national poets, scientists, patrons of universities and so on. Most of them – sad bronze figures on … Continue reading

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La Vie en rose

A monumental, 8.5 meters (28 feet) rose stands atop the first segment of a grey, geometric    building on an always busy New York street. This is an installation presented as a part of New Museum‘s ongoing Façade Sculpture Program, a … Continue reading

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