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Illicit swings

Swings are fun – you must admit that even if you prefer to be seen as a serious person, not admitting to what might be considered a childish behaviour. And swings around the city, just in random locations? A perfect … Continue reading

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swings on trains

I read this motto, or rather an explanation for a project (which I will come back to sometime) which strikes me as true: “Installing swings. Why? Happiness. Swings tug at our most basic emotions and produce simple, unadulterated joy.” It seems … Continue reading

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Waterfall swing

It’s swing(s) time lately down here, but I admit having a soft spot for them – and hey, who doesn’t? If someone doesn’t he must be one of those sad, grey businessmen who forgot how to be happy in their … Continue reading

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21 swings

21 Balançoires (21 Swings) is a project by Canadian design collective Daily Tous Les Jours, known for their wide variety of interactive public installations and experiences. Surrounded on both sides by a new music complex and science center, designers Mouna Andraos and … Continue reading

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