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Madiba the Great

I know Poland does not seem likely a place to be influenced by and – now – struck with the loss of the great Nelson Mandela. And yet, here too we are touched deeply with his passing. I know there … Continue reading

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For the love of libraries! 3

Taking you on another part of the journey thought the interesting libraries around the world, this time, unlike in the first and second part I won’t focus on the distinctions I have previously pictured – libraries from the Old and … Continue reading

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Quest: provoking spring.

It is my quest right here and now. It’s April 10th and the snow is still around. Lots of it, in fact. And no, this is not normal by any standards I know. We had only 3 sunny, warm day … Continue reading

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Scattered Crowd

“Scattered Crowd” is an exhibit by William Forsythe, currently on display at the Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt, Germany. The installation inhibits the beauty of space and the emptiness of human emotion. The use of space from the suspending balloon leaves room for … Continue reading

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Everybode wants to be special

  This cute mural by Zed1 is somewhere in Germany. I absolutely adore it…

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Fasade painted with summer joy

Somewhere in Germany…it looks as if some crazy architect misplaced the old garden fence and then went on a watercolour spree, planting some flowers here and there in odd manner. Wish the buildings here underwent such a change by some … Continue reading

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Tree concert

The ground below an immense chestnut tree in Berlin’s Montbijoupark is aglow with green polymer membranes that produce sound from the impact of falling nuts. ‘Tree Concert’ is a temporary installation that aims to raise awareness of the diminishing stock of trees … Continue reading

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